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Orderpicker / heftruck driver €10.52 brutto/godz.


Opis stanowiska

At Schenker you are not only trained in one department and one process. After you have mastered the basic work, you will expand your skills and knowledge by also working in other departments. This not only makes you a flexible employee, but also a very valuable one.
Responsibilities & Tasks:
- Responsible for picking orders based on a pick list; (A/B)
- Process incoming products and make them ready for transport; (A/B)
- Responsible for final inspection for transport; (A/B)
- Archiving a realistic target with safety as a priority; (A/B)
- Work accurately & carefully with ; (A/B)
- Work within the agreed frameworks; (A/B)
- Mainly focused on the following tasks:
 stacking on the pallets; (A)
 Loading & unloading trucks; (B)
 Labbeling / scan products; (A/B)
 Lifting and moving products; (A/B)
 Packaging & repacking products. (A/B)


Required properties and skills:
- Experience with an EPT truck and must be able to learn;
quickly (certificate required); (A)
- Experience with forklift / Reach truck; (B)
- Speaking English; (A/B)
- necessary competences are proactive and quality conscious; (A/B)
- Physically healthy because of the many standing & lifting during work; (A/B)
- Age approximately between 20 – 50; (A/B)
- Essential is safety awareness of themselves and colleagues; (A/B)
- Certificate of conduct required. (A/B)

Warunki pracy

Must be willing to do the job for at least one year, but preferably longer. It’s Really nice atmosphere in the company, so no trouble makers, only decent people. There is also dust in a warehouse, keep this in mind.

Zakwaterowanie i ubezpieczenie

Koszt zakwaterowania €86.00/tydz.

Koszt ubezpieczenia €23.00/tydz.


Orderpicker - €10.52 brutto/godz. + 35% lub 40% dodatku zmianowego

Heftruck driver - €11.08 brutto/godz.



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Match criteria
  • Order picker
  • Operator reachtruck
  • €10,00 - €10,50 brutto
  • Komunikatywny jęz. ang - B1/B2
Prawo jazdy
  • Nie posiada prawa jazdy
  • Posiada prawo jazdy B
  • Kobieta
  • Mężczyzna
  • Para


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